Three female cubs born on the reserve, all sired by 327

On Oct 9th, a litter of South China Tiger cubs were born to Madonna, sired by 327, in complete natural environment isolated from humans and other tigers. The number and gender of the cubs were not known until Dec, when they were accidentally spotted in the distance through binoculars and 3 cubs were seen. It was not until Jan 28th, more than 3 months after they were born, that we were able to sex the cubs during the challenging operation of microchipping them. We were elated to find out that ALL cubs are females, not only that this is our first ever triplet.

The addition of these three cubs brought the total number of 2nd generation South China Tigers born at Laohu Valley Reserve to 11. It also addressed the issue of gender imbalance which was a problem for us until now. We have therefore a total of 7 male and 7 female tigers at Laohu Valley.

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